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Motorcycles and scooters made in China, electric scooters, and cargo three-wheelers manufactured in China

Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. is a located in China in Zhongqing (Chongqing Municipality), m:manufactures motorcycles, scooters, cargo trikes moto three-wheelers tricycle trucks, underbone motorcycles cub bikes, cab cargo moto three-wheelers tricycle trucks, auto rickshaw tricycles taxi three-wheelers, motorcycles with sidecar, mopeds, moto, passenger tricycles three-wheelers under the brand name .


Three-wheeler (tricar)

Cargo moto three-wheeler

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Cab cargo moto three-wheeler
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Passenger tricycle

Auto rickshaw tricycle

Manufacturer:Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (China)
Speed (km/h):50  
Seating capacity (incl. driver):3  
Curb weight (kg):319  
Gross weight (kg):544  
Overall (mm):3140 × 1230 × 1830  
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Underbone motorcycle
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Motorcycle with sidecar

Manufacturer:Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (China)
Displacement (cc):397Gross weight (kg):435
Engine:185YMQPower (kW):19.5
Speed (km/h):80Wheelbase (mm):1420
Seating capacity (incl. driver):3Axles:2
Curb weight (kg):240Number of tyres:3
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Manufacturer:Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (China)
Displacement (cc):50Gross weight (kg):157
Engine:1P39FMBPower (kW):2.0
Speed (km/h):50Wheelbase (mm):1200
Seating capacity (incl. driver):1Axles:2
Curb weight (kg):82Number of tyres:2
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Company brief profile

Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Company nameChongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd.Type
Company locationZhongqingStreet addressJiulongpo District of Chongqing Xinyuan Road, including the 8th Valley town
RegionChongqing Municipality, China (PRC)
Phone number023-65733828