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Motorcycles and scooters made in China, electric scooters, and cargo three-wheelers manufactured in China


The Nanjue two-wheeled and three-wheeled motor vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, underbone motorcycles cub bikes, 50cc scooters, moto) are made in China by (a company in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China).



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Underbone motorcycle

Manufacturer:Jiangsu Xinxi Nanjue Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (China)
Speed (km/h):75.0  
Seating capacity (incl. driver):2  
Curb weight (kg):98  
Gross weight (kg):248  
Overall (mm):1950 × 700 × 1080  
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50cc scooter

Manufacturer:Jiangsu Xinxi Nanjue Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (China)
Speed (km/h):50  
Seating capacity (incl. driver):1  
Curb weight (kg):76  
Gross weight (kg):151  
Overall (mm):1820 × 690 × 1080  
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